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Welcome to the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association’s Pilot Section.

The objective of the NZPIA is:

  • To promote safe skydiving through education, training, certification, and other qualification programs for both individuals and operators.
  • Provide advice and support to individuals and operators that affiliate with the organisation.

If you are a Parachute Drop Pilot looking for general information about parachute aircraft, and parachute dropping, the NZPIA requirements or the NZPIA Drop Pilot rating system here is where you need to start.

This page has been put together to help collate the information for Pilots within the NZPIA system to help you not only comply with the NZPIA procedures but also to provide you with safety information and training material.

As you are the pilots that are at the coal face, you are working within the skydiving industry, carrying skydivers to height so that we can participate in our chosen activity. Without pilots parachuting cannot happen. We want some way of passing on some of the information directly to you and as such this page we hope can provide you with some of that support.

If you have a NZPIA Parachute Drop Rating you are also able to access the training and checking system built into our online rating system to meet the compliance checking and training requirements of the current Civil Aviation Rules.

The NZPIA is hoping that some of the information here can help you in providing good effective open and helpful information to allow you to look after yourself, make good decisions when you need to and keep you up to date with the new requirements as they come available.

If you think there is something else we need to add, let us know contact us on facebook.