Welcome to the NZPIA’s Skydivers Section


  • To promote safe skydiving through education, training, certification, and other qualification programs for individuals and operators
  • To provide advice and support to individuals and operators that affiliate with the organisation.

This section is for skydivers within the NZPIA community, and for those who want to visit or join us. The links on the right hand side of this section contain general information on how to obtain NZPIA certificates and ratings. The links on the left hand side contain more detailed information about each of those documents, as well as access to the exams and applications. (Please note: you must have an NZPIA Assessor with you in order to complete any exams or applications)

Be sure to visit the Home page regularly to keep up to date on new developments within the NZPIA.

If you think there is something else we need to add, please let us know.

Tandem Skydiving

All NZPIA-affiliated operations offer tandem skydiving. A full list of NZPIA-affiliated operations and their contact details can be found on the Operators page.

Experienced NZPIA Skydivers

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Experienced Non-NZPIA Skydivers

Follow the links on the right hand side of the page for important information on skydiving in New Zealand.

Not a Skydiver Yet?

If you would like to learn to skydive, or are already a student skydiver, please contact your nearest NZPIA drop zone for information on how to become a licenced skydiver.