Revised Manuals

The NZPIA Documents, Standards and Procedures Manual has been revised and re-issued as two manuals, effective 29 July 2022. There is quite a bit of new material so it’s important that all active participants read these new manuals.

The new “Documents Manual” and “Standards and Procedures Manual” are available to download from the All Docs and Forms page.

Downloadable Certificates

The NZPIA no longer issues certificates on plastic cards. New certificates are issued in PDF, and are downloadable from the certificate holder’s account page on this website. Certificates have a QR code so drop zone operators anywhere in the world can verify their authenticity.

All current affiliated certificate holders are eligible for downloadable certificates, however if you are returning to the NZPIA after a period of absence, your certificate may not have been transferred to our online system yet. Check your account page to see if the download option is available to you, and contact us if it’s not there.