Commercial Parachutist Certificate

General Info

Commercial Parachutist Certificates are required for Tandem Masters carrying out tandem parachute descents for hire and reward (Civil Aviation Rule 115.577).

To apply for a Commercial Parachutist Certificate, complete the online assessment (exam) under the supervision of a suitably authorised NZPIA Assessor or Instructor/Examiner, then submit the online application. The Assessor or I/E must confirm your identity and that you have met all the practical requirements of the certificate on the application.

On successful completion of this process, a temporary (30 day validity) certificate will be issued electronically. Your application will then be assessed by the NZPIA CEO and, if approved, a non-terminating certificate will be issued.

Please Note: As part of the NZPIA quality assurance program, some applications will be randomly selected and applicants required to provide evidence of the information submitted online.

Commercial Parachutist Certificate Requirements

The holder of a Commercial Parachutist Certificate may act as Tandem Master on tandem parachute descents for hire and reward.

The Commercial Parachutist Certificate carries with it the privileges of an Individual Parachute Certificate with ‘D’ Endorsement.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Fulfil the conditions of the Individual Parachute Certificate with ‘C’ Endorsement
  • Have passed the online NZPIA commercial parachutist exam in the preceding 60 days
  • Have made 500 free fall parachute descents and a minimum of 180 minutes of free fall time.
  • Have landed within 5 metres of a designated landing point on ten consecutive occasions
  • Hold a current Class 2 medical certificate acceptable under the Act