Parachutist Certificate with "D" Endorsement

General Info

Parachutist Certificate with D endorsement are issued to those applicants that do not hold a NZPIA Parachutist Certificate and meet the requirements of the D endorsement.

On completion of the online assessment exam, the NZPIA assessor will confirm your identification and the practical requirements listed below during the online application system.

On successful completion of this process you will be issued with a temporary certificate with D Endorsement electronically that is valid for 30 days. In that time auditing requirements aside a life time Certificate will be issued s to the New Zealand address you provide.

"D" Endorsement requirements

a) The "D" endorsement parachutist is qualified to perform on his/her own responsibility in any area of sport parachuting as he/her so chooses.

b) Conditions - Applicants must:

  • Fulfil the conditions of the "A", "B" and "C" endorsement.
  • Have made 500 free fall parachute descents and a minimum of 180 minutes of free fall time.
  • Have passed the online NZPIA "D" endorsement exam