Temporary Parachute Certificates

General Info

Temporary Parachute Certificates are for experienced parachutists who intend to jump with NZPIA for a short time. Holders of acceptable non-NZPIA licences are eligible (if your licence meets the FAI certificate of proficiency standards, it will most likely be acceptable to NZPIA).

  • Valid for 90 days from date of issue
  • A, B, C, & D endorsements available, subject to eligibility criteria
  • Low cost
  • In most cases issued instantly online
  • Not eligible for ratings (instructor, tandem master, etc.)

You can apply for the certificate at most NZPIA-affiliated drop zones (please ring them first to make sure). All parachutists must comply with the NZPIA’s operational procedures and standards when jumping at NZPIA-affiliated drop zones. A copy of the Documents, Standards and Procedures Manual is available at al NZPIA-affiliated drop zones.

Full Parachute Certificates

For information on non-terminating NZPIA certificates, please go to the Parachute Certificate Options page

You will need a licence/certificate from a recognized parachute organisation and approval from the DZ Operator to apply for NZPIA Temporary Parachutist Certificate