As of 01 January 2017, the NZPIA no longer issues plastic certificate cards. New certificates are issued in PDF, and are also downloadable to a PC or smart phone, as a PDF or Apple Wallet pass, from the certificate holder’s account page on this website. Certificates have a QR code so drop zone operators anywhere in the world can verify their authenticity. The downloadable certificate will also be made available to all current affiliated certificate holders in the coming months. This is a work in progress, though, so please be patient. Check your account page to see if this is available to you, and contact the NZPIA if you need this urgently. The option of a physical card is still available, but as we have to outsource the card production, there will be an extra charge of $25.


The NZPIA standards and procedures review has been completed, and we are in the process of finalising the manual amendments. The updated Documents, Standards and Procedures Manual will be published in mid-2017.


There is now a Comments/Suggestion Form available for download from the All Docs and Forms page. Not all comments/suggestions will be actioned but all will be given due consideration; if an action is practical and supported industry-wide, we will do our best to address it. All un-actioned submissions will be kept on file and reviewed periodically for possible action in future. Please note this is the only acceptable format for suggestions for changes to our approved procedures.