Drop Pilot Annual Competency Check

General Info


 (a)  Except as provided in paragraph (b), the holder of a parachute drop rating must not exercise the privileges of the rating unless,—

  • (1) within the previous 12 months, the holder has performed at least 6 parachute drop flights; or
  • (2) within the previous 12 months, the holder has demonstrated their continued competency in accordance with the requirements of rule 61.651(a)(4); and
  • (3) the authorised person who conducted the competency demonstration certifies the successful completion of the check in the pilot's logbook in accordance with rule 61.29.

 (b)  A pilot who completes the demonstration required by paragraph (a)(2) within 60 days before the date on which it is required, is deemed to have completed the demonstration on the required date.