Information for Non-NZPIA Rating Holders

Non-NZPIA ratings are not valid at NZPIA drop zones, however you may be able to use them as evidence of prior learning or as part of the assessment for obtaining NZPIA ratings. An NZPIA Assessor will evaluate your experience and non-NZPIA credentials to determine if you are eligible for an equivalent NZPIA rating.

New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules require experienced parachutists to hold a Parachute Certificate issued by the organisation that the drop zone is affiliated to, and ratings are part of the certificate. This is a Civil Aviation Rule, and the NZPIA has no authority to change it or make exceptions.

This means that to be a tandem master or jumpmaster at any NZPIA-affiliated drop zone, you must have an NZPIA tandem master or jumpmaster rating. This is not only true for ratings from other countries, but also those from other NZ organisations (e.g. NZPO, NZPF, etc.).

Cross-Crediting (converting) Non-NZPIA Ratings

This must be discussed with an NZPIA Assessor. There are certain competency and currency requirements that you must meet. The Assessor will evaluate your skills, experience and non-NZPIA credentials to ensure they meet the NZPIA’s pre-requisites for the rating(s), and take you through the application process if you are eligible.

Cross-Crediting (converting) NZPF Ratings

NZPF ratings are non-NZPIA ratings, however due to their age they are not eligible for cross-credit like other non-NZPIA ratings. Holders of NZPF ratings, if they don’t also hold a current rating from another organisation, must apply for a new NZPIA document, and meet the current NZPIA competency requirements of the document.
You may still be able to use your expired NZPF rating as evidence of experience or prior learning. The Assessor will evaluate your skills and experience to determine an assessment program that is appropriate to your situation.
Current NZPIA Assessors