Cross Credits for Non-NZPIA Rating Holders

Recognition of non-NZPIA issued ratings.

Non-NZPIA certificates and ratings may not be used under the NZPIA (see the Info for Non-NZPIA Licence Holders and Info for Non-NZPIA Rating Holders pages for details). However, non-NZPIA issued documents may be submitted for consideration as substitutes for any of the pre-requisites of an NZPIA document. The applicant must also supply any other evidence and/or verification that is requested.

At a minimum, non-NZPIA rating holders wishing to cross-credit their ratings must:

  • Have held their rating for a minimum of one year;
  • Have made a minimum of 250 jumpmaster/tandem master descents, as applicable;
  • Meet the NZPIA’s currency requirements for the rating;
  • Pass the NZPIA exam(s) applicable to the rating;
  • Have their competency assessed by an NZPIA Instructor Examiner or Assessor. The IE or Assessor must be satisfied that the candidate has the skills and experience necessary to pass the course and/or assessment without preparation, should they be required to.

Please see the sections on Tandem Master accreditation and Jumpmaster accreditation for detailed information on how to obtain those ratings.